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Life Membership

Life membership may be bestowed on a member for distinguished service to  sport in the Balmain Zone over a number of years.  Life membership may be conferred by the Association for distinguished service to sport at the school and zone level. 

  • It will be expected that candidates for Life Membership will have a made an outstanding contribution to school sport over a lengthy period (7+ years) at various levels. 

  • Nominations for life membership, accompanied by a statement of the  qualifications of the nominee, should reach the Secretary at least one month prior to the end-of-year AGM. Each nominee’s case is decided on its merit. 

  • Nominations for life membership are to come from the school. (The Executive may contact schools to ask for nominations.) Nominations shall be considered  by the executive and they will make a recommendation to the end-of-year AGM. 

  • Nominations are confidential and the nominee should not know until the  AGM announcement. 

  • Election shall be successful if the majority of the Executive are in the  affirmative. 

  • Life Members may attend meetings, speak for or against any motion, but may not vote unless they are present in another capacity.

Life Members of the Balmain PSSA are:


 Larissa Seleni   (Kegworth Public School) 

 Sue Stephens    (Annandale North Public School)


 Claire Mitchell      (Stanmore Public School) 

 Robert Cormack   (Birchgrove Public School)

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